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VSF 2024 Tour LEVELed Up

Vegan Street Fair Tour LA, Los Angeles, March 22-24, 2024

Yes, LEVEL Water is once again the official water sponsor for the Vegan Street Fair Tour. VSF LA LEVELed up by adding an additional 2 days for vegan and non-vegan food lovers to enjoy. Attendee’s and vendors alike were able to shop and eat all things vegan for 3 days. Of course, LEVEL Water answered the LEVEL Up call. The team showed up with our new pop-up shop aka "Club LEVEL." Club LEVEL was filled with cases and cases of our hydrating alkaline water available by the bottle, can, case or special Vegan Street Fair 3 pack in custom LEVEL Water bag. While hanging out at Club LEVEL VSF goers had the chance to quinch their thirst as well as check out and purchase featured LEVEL Gear for men and women. Also, available were our custom canvas totes and limited-edition Hydration Box. Check out the two videos below to get a glimpse of the weekend.

Visit to explore all things vegan in a city near you. Come back soon and visit our website for the Summer Hydration Box (with a special note from our owner). These Hydration boxes will be a special limited time offer. See you on the tour.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Keisha at (504)245-4493, or email at Click this link to invite us to your communtiy events in 2024.


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