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Vegan 2 The Soul

New Orleans, LA, July 2023

This is the 4th year LEVEL Water has sponosred Vegan 2 The Soul in support of the local Vegan community. Vegan 2 the Soul fest is a summer festival where the vegan community in New Orleans come together and enjoy vegan food and have the opportunity to purchase vegan products from clothes to jewelry and more. Restaurants, artist and local businesses showcase their food, creativity and music. LEVEL provided water to the staff and performers on this beautiful day as well sold LEVEL by the bottle and case to keep fest goers hydrated and cool during this annual event.

Level Water Blue tent at Vegan 2 the Soul
Level Water's activation dome at Vegan 2 the Soul
Level Water's Hydration Station
Vegan 2 the Soul fest goers approaching LEVEL Water's station to hydrate

This performer came straight off the stage to grab a bottle of LEVEL!


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Keisha at (504)245-4493, or email at


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