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LEVEL Water supports EARTH Day and recycling

New Orleans, LA, April 2023

Earth day is a day where humans decide to go outside of their usual day-to-day tasks and do something nice for the earth, like plant trees and participate in beautification projects. Of course LEVEL Water was on the scene to participate and hydrate everyone for the cause of the day. Earth Day Fest goers had the opportunity to purchase LEVEL Ultra-purified Water+ by the bottle and then leave the bottle in the LEVEL Water recycling bin. As our team encourages recycling we want to teach our community the benefits of hydrating and drinking a high pH water.

LEVEL Water recycle bottles
LEVEL Water gives cold bottles to ladies at activation tent

LEVEL giving water on Earth Day
Discussing benefits of staying hydrated.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Keisha at (504)245-4493, or email at


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