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How did we start, Where are we now, Where are we going?

New Orleans, LA, April 2023

LEVEL was born in 2016 in our community, New Orleans, LA, to benefit our community both physically and financially. The physical benefits come from the clean water as a result of going through 11 stages of purification, the natural energy of the natural potassium, the numerous health benefits of the calcium and magnesium plus the fact that it has naturally reached a ph of 9.0. The financial benefits comes by way of donating a percentage of every bottle sold to MSAADA Inc, a non-profit organization, and the many water donations made to various community organizations throughout the region as well as donations made for disaster/hurricane relief.

3 Bottles of LEVEL Water

With the vision, research and execution of our CEO/Founder the first bottle was sold at the 2016 MSAADA outdoor market place held during the Essence Festival weekend in New Orleans. Bottled in Leesburg, Fl the first pallet arrived then the strategy and the selling began. It was store by store, gym by gym, coffee houses, boutique hotels and festivals cases at a time. Just as the brand began to gain momentum needing to produce trucks at a time instead of pallets the pandemic arrived. Now our customers who purchased at the store, the gym, and the coffee house could no longer get their LEVEL fix.

LEVEL Water Delivery Driver

The strategy adjusted or as our CEO says "let's call an audible." Just like that LEVEL began "no contact" home delivery. Now that life is back to normal there are still over 40 home and office monthly deliveries made of 2-8 cases each in either the 16.9 oz or the 1 Liter bottles.

From pallets, to trucks to filling 2 warehouses in New Orleans and Houston. We are well on our way to becoming a household brand. Our core customers are of course women but also 18-50 year old health concious consumers who can now find us in 6 states and over 25 cities as well as many festivals throughtout the year from New York to California and many states in between.

LEVEL is sold in 67 Groceries, over 120 health food stores, Gyms, C-Stores, Coffee Houses Restaurants, Smoke shops and Night clubs. Travelers can get a taste in many New Orleans hotels when visiting our home city. LEVEL is also sold by the case on

Coming soon...water production at the California facility. This production will include the aluminum cans. We are listening to our community; they want the superior taste and health benefits of LEVEL and they want it in a more sustainable package. The West Coast will be offered purified-water in aluminum cans and the East Coast will have spring water in aluminum cans.

If you have not tasted LEVEL, pick up a bottle or two, if we are not in your area, keep an eye out because we are on the way to a store or festival near you.

LEVEL Ultra-purified water+ in aluminum cans.
LEVEL Ultra-purified water+ in aluminum cans.


To learn more about us visit our press page and If you would like more information about this topic, please call Keisha at (504)245-4493, or email at


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