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The Cans Are Coming

New Orleans, LA, March 2023

Although LEVEL Water is known for its ultra purified alkaline water we’re always looking for more ways to Level Up; In addition LEVEL will be launching its new line of spring water on the east coast this fall. Instead of plastic bottles we’ve decided to drop the new line of spring water in aluminum cans in hopes of lessening our carbon footprint. We introduced the LEVEL Ultra-purified Water+ in the aluminum cans at the VEGAN Street Fair LA as the west coast will still be able to enjoy the refreshing purified water in the new aluminum can later this fall.

LEVEL Water's aluminum cans at the VEGAN Street Fair LA
Child at Vegan Street Fair LA tries LEVEL Ultra Purified Water+ for the first time

LEVEL Water's case of aluminum cans filled with Ultra-purified Water+
LEVEL's Ultra-purified water+ in aluminum cans


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Keisha at (504)245-4493, or email at

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