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LSU Wins! LEVEL Hydrate's Parade Goers

Baton Rouge, LA, April 2023

After a phenomenal winning season at LSU, the school had a parade to celebrate such a great season its teams had. What better way to keep the parade goers hydrated than with local brand LEVEL Water? Our team was out along the parade route to hydrate with free bottles of LEVEL Ultra-purified Water+ and engage with the community on the importance of hydration. We want the community to know it is important to LEVEL up their mind, body and spirit. Hydration is not just for athletes but for everyone.

Level Water founder attends LSU parade
Parade goers celebrate LSU's Big Win!

parade attendee hold water bottle while taking a picture
LSU parade goer poses with LEVEL water bottle

A lady in a yellow shirt reaches for a LEVEL water bottle
A chilled LEVEL water bottle gets handed out at LSU parade

LEVEL Water at LSU parade
Lady Tiger poses for picture with LEVEL Ultra-purified Water+ during LSU championship parade


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