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NEW ORLEANS, LA, MARCH 2019 – Weight No More 5K Walk/Run is a city-to-city race to fight obesity by incorporating fitness into people’s daily routine. The race is founded by VH1 star Toya Wright and is rallying people to live a healthy lifestyle by promoting exercise, and partnering with companies like LEVEL to educate people on the benefits of consuming healthier products.

The partnership between LEVEL Water and Weigh No More is designed to educate and help people incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Robert Rushing, Co-Owner of Weight No More on what the goal of Weight No More 5K walk race is, “We are just encouraging everybody to get active. We want everybody to get active. We want you to join this movement. So we do a lot of things with the 5k’s to bring people out.”

LEVEL Ultra-Purified Water+ (pH 9.0+), is a New Orleans-based water company, that goes through 11 stages of purification and adds ionic trace minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium) to deliver an alkaline water with superior taste and hydration. LEVEL is a lifestyle functional water that aims to promote physical, mental, and spiritual enhancement, while also effecting social change in the community.


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