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NEW ORLEANS, LA, JANUARY 2016 LEVEL Ultra-Purified Water+ (pH 9.0+), is a New Orleans- based water company, that goes through 11 stages of purification and adds ionic trace minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium) to deliver an alkaline water with superior taste and hydration. LEVEL is a lifestyle functional water that aims to promote physical, mental, and spiritual enhancement, while also effecting social change in the community.

The new alkaline water brand began after selling bottled water for the non-profit, MSAADA Inc., at Essence Festival for years. The founder of LEVEL and President of MSAADA, John R. Williamson Jr., saw the need for representation in the bottled water market, thus creating LEVEL Water. LEVEL Water is a brand that represents and uplifts the community through community service, charity, health education, and mentorship in entrepreneurship.


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